Generic Brick Office

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Author: Lost_Gecko
Last revision: 15 Apr at 14:01 2017 UTC


Generic contemporary 3-storey brick office buiding.

This is a pack containing 2 level 3 growable office buildings: a standard and a corner version.
Both version are perfectly identical and only differ in the place they grow in. The geometry is a bit high for a 2×2 growable but the LOD compensates for it (10 tris).

RICO-friendly: thumbnail included (but regular growables, have to be converted manually!)
Optimization: both assets are identical

Tris: 1142
Texture: 1024×256 (diffuse-normal-specular-illumination)

LOD: auto generated. Believe it or not, it’s actually fine. The mesh is a cube (10 tris), which is perfect, and the textures are not too bad, so I couldn’t be bothered to put in the extra effort. Tell me if it’s too much of a problem though.

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