Bio-Dome Greenhouse (semi-transparent glass)

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Author: renewcom
Last revision: 16 Apr at 19:52 UTC


Bio-Dome Greenhouse (semi-transparent glass)

This greenhouse can be used in the garden or on farms

Main Model
Tris: 2516 textures 256 x 256 D,S,& A

Tris: 47 textures 256 X 256 D & A

Size 1 x 1 REAL: 5m X 5m x 2.6m

The Model has no added props – these can be added via asset editor or in-game with the following MODS

the asset can be found under the power tab

More Beautification by BLOODYPENGUIN

MoveIt by SamSamTS

Thanks must go to Ronyx69 for finding the rotor shader code.