Ford Gran Torino 1975 police

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Author: Henry Beauchamp
Last revision: 15 Apr at 11:41 2017 UTC


Finally Starsky & Hutch arrive in Cities: Skylines.

Build your own Bay City. *

  • Mount the curb
  • Arrest hoodlums
  • Wear knitted cardigans

* Huggy Bear not included.

This is the police vehicle variant of my Ford Gran Torino 1975 red with a throw on teardrop roof light.


Acts just like the standard police vehicle except only has a criminal capacity of 2.

Model Tri count Texture size
Main 1048 1024 x 1024
LOD 80 64 x 64


I have been unable to fathom how to adjust the position of the flashing lights. The roof light illuminates correctly as it is configured in the color_c.png mask but the lights still flash in the same position as a standard police vehicle. If anyone understands how to adjust this please let me know and I will ammend accordingly.