Asia v1.0 (realistic, 25 squares; Asie / Asien

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Author: Kekskonsument
Last revision: 19 Jul at 21:30 2015 UTC


Since I didn’t find a good Asia map, I decided to make one. Took me some hours…

– playable area: Ural to Japan / Arctic Ocean to Indonesia (had to cut off Black Sea / Turkey etc. due to square shape)
– starting area: Russia, coast of the Pacific Ocean (the only square with road connection AND enough water)
– road & rail connections: 3 (Europe, Alaska, Egypt; Europe and Alaska are connected)
– plane & ship connections: 2 routes each
– placed ressources, trees and bushes somewhat realistic
– mountains and terrain are not smoothed because I lowered the heightmap image contrast, + it looks more beautiful 🙂
– ocean is not very deep, shall be deepened further so the water loses its greenish shade (lot of work and no undo function in the map editor…)
– Aral and Victoria lake don’t look realistic, Baikal lake and some more lakes are still missing
– "All areas purchaseable" mod needed ( )

Tell me if you want improvements (and which) in the comments. 🙂