Commissary (Ploppable RICO)

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Author: Shredra
Last revision: 8 Aug at 22:10 2017 UTC


So, you are buiding/rebuilding your military base. But there is something missing. Your cim soldiers/marines/sailor/airmen and their families have nowhere to go to do their groceries but to the nearby ghetto a$$ Walmart off-base/post.

Well, worry no more my dear battle buddy. As today is the grand opening of the very first Commissary in Cities Skylines. Our Commissary is fully stocked with Redbull, Ripitz and Monster in 13 different flavors. No we don’t have any pre-workout here. But they have ’em at the PX/BX isle 6 next door. So please check out my other asset Post Exchange.

P.S. Our baggers only work for tips.

"Sappers Lead The Way"

Update 22 April 2017:
-Optimized LOD and Texture

Update 09 Aug 2017
-Rico Enabled
-High Commercial

Required items:
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Dumpster 02On Steam