Utrecht Central Station

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Author: Jerenable
Last revision: 20 Apr at 13:11 2017 UTC


Utrecht Central Station by Jerenable

Firstly this has been one hell of a project for me and I spend over 200 hours in creating it and I still dont think its finished. But I have spend enough time on the station and want to go on to other projects. Cities Skylines is not made for this size of assets and I have had a lot of issues using sub building. So here it is its functional, I has all the train spawn points for outside trafic etc. IMPORTANT dont forget to connect the road acces near the tramways.

Utrecht Centraal is the central railway station for the city of Utrecht in the Netherlands. It is the largest and busiest railway station in the Netherlands, with sixteen platforms (of which thirteen are through tracks) and with more than 176,000 passengers per day. With Utrecht being located centrally in the Netherlands, Utrecht Centraal is also the most important railway hub of the country with more than 900 trains leaving this station per day, making it the largest junction station in the Netherlands. Therefore, disruptions at the station can easily affect the rest of the country’s railway network.

International, national and local services call at the station, most notably the InterCityExpress trains to Frankfurt and Basel, intercity services to the northern and southern Netherlands, and local commuter services providing access to towns all over the Randstad.

Source: Wikipedia

# 2 IMPORTANT dont forget to connect the road acces near the tramways.

stats building
main tris: 25735
lod tris: 3156
this building consists out of 13 subbuildings with each having its own textures

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THANKS to Ronyx69 for the really good looking screenshots!

# 3 IMPORTANT dont forget to connect the road acces near the tramways.

Required items:
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