Runway Threshold Lights Prop

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Authors: AmiPolizeiFunk, vasimr22
Last revision: 19 Apr at 20:32 2017 UTC


vasimr22 & I collaborated to create this functioning airport asset, using boformer’s script to add lights to a prop. These four lights are meant to go in a row across the "landing threshold", which is placed at the beginning of a runway. The red lights face towards the runway, often back-to-back with green lights that face away from the runway. Try placing 4×4 for a nice complete row of 16 lights. You can plop them on top of vasimr22’s new Airport Landing Threshold asset (now with a fixed LOD), get it here:

And if you’re an asset maker and you’re curious about how to add lights to a prop, check out this thread on simtropolis:

We’d like to do the green lights too, but it is proving more difficult than expected!