Provence THEME

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Authors: Big Bad Nonja, MrMiyagi
Last revision: 24 May at 15:51 2016 UTC


I recommend using at least an LUT to take out the harsh yellow tinge that has made the peach walkways orange. Colorful Summer Day by Dexter is what I use to reduce the orange and change it back to its intended peach. Link:

When I design themes, I use Daylight Classic mod. Although it’s not required, this theme looks pretty awful without it. That’s pretty much true of most themes based in the tropical biome.

May 24 2016 – reverted to original

May 23 2016 – big update, many changes including some higher quality textures. New tile pattern is thanks to BigBadNonja! You can find the complete tiles collection here:

March 9 2016 – Update All images before Sunset image are how the theme now looks. It looks a lot better to me, I hope you like the changes? Let me know! :):
– Removed Rock sprites
– Darkened cliff face texture, it was too light
– Higher quality grass texture, also much less yellow, and a richer tone. Other textures have been tweaked to go with it.
– Color under trees slightly different, as is fertile color
– Water colors BIG changes, greatly improved I think
– Gravel (the side of railroad tracks and on dirt roads for example) has been

This theme was made to go with the Monaco Map here:

It also looks nice with any tropical map.

Watch the video to see the vibrant peach and other pastel colors in the real location.

The theme is not perfect, but hopefully it makes a nice atmosphere. Special attention paid to the colors of land, sea, pavement, resources, so ideally they blend more than vanilla.

Meadow flowers effect: Ore is flecked with barely perceptible little lavender bits, and oil has little yellow flecks. Athough not as good as others’ work, I tried to get as close to that idea as I could.

The pastel colors of the local area are hopefully emulated well, and attempts to include overtones of the interesting peach pink rock formations that can be seen in Monaco and parts of Corsica and Provence. The peach on the water is not intentional. It is either supposed to be a reflection of the tropical clouds, or is programmed to be a reflection of the cliffsides. I did my best to get the ocean waters as blue as I could despite this peach reflection.

Thanks to BigBadNonja, Owl and Saamrocks11 for their help, inspiration and enthusiasm, which helped this project reach completion.

I hope you have fun with this creation! – Mr Miyagi

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