Advanced Underground Garbage Conversion: Updated

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Author: Populous
Last revision: 23 Jan at 18:55 2016 UTC


Underground Garbage Conversion by Populous

What your city calls garbage; we see as fuel in the form of cellulosic ethanol production cutting maintenance costs, allowing greater collection of garbage and the production of electricity for your city. Employees will park, enter the building, sit at the tables and yes, you will discover there is employee of the month parking next to the doors.

Make sure to connect to the tunel to your road:
– You can literally watch the Garbage Trucks enter the facility where they dump their precious cargo and return out of the second tunnel and back to the streets making this the most interactive waste management mod on Steam.

Works well with Actually Underground Power Cables:

This asset is no longer dark at night

Yes, absolutely, Thumbnail included for easy identification from the menu system

Electricity Consumption from City Power: 1 (Once going, we produce our own)
Construction Cost: 40,000
Maintenance Cost: 1,000 (Income is primarliy from export of our product)
Noise Accumulation: 0 (Underground)
Noice Radius: 10
Polution: 0 (Due to advanced processes)
Water/Sewage: 300/100

Uneducated workers: 10
Educated: 20
Well Educated: 10
Highly Educated: 10

Garbage Capacity: 4,000,000
Garbage converted to fuel: 50,000
Tucks: 60

Electricity Production; up to: 12,000 MW

A known issue with Cities Skylines is that sometimes large Assets can not be placed (Slope to steep). Use Advanced Road Anarchy: for these mods and if you still have trouble… simply turn Advanced Road Anarchy off and back on and your Assets should plop into place..

Required items:
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