Temperate Blue Green Water THEME – no ruined under buildings

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Author: MrMiyagi
Last revision: 28 Jul at 22:44 2017 UTC


Update 28 July 2017 – major update
– Daylight Classic no longer required, but still can be used
– No more ruined under buildings (pure grass)
– Many improved textures but still reasonable file size so low end computers can still use
– Oil and Ore are now paintable meadows of flowers (or fallen leaves)
Ore is poppy like red flowers
Oil is yellow and orange flowers, or fall leaves if you like

Update 6 Oct 2016:
Changes to cliff normal (should make the cracks look a lot more fine rather than large black marks),
Cliff Texture changed from vanilla to customized
Ruined Texture changed, appears to reduce lines visible before

Changes can be made to themes, so if you have any ideas, thoughts or suggestions, feel free to leave a comment!


– Color Sanity: NO pollution ground effect, water pollution very slight color, fertile and forest areas tiny shade different, Oil barely noticeable, Ore matches the colors of the rock texture, No rock sprites, No grass sprites

– Deep blue-green water color replaces default pale light blue, opaque water. Custom water normal (wave effect). Inspired by OWL’s water colors

– New "Ruined" Texture – the texture that goes between grass and cliff/rock makes some noticeable tiling and stands out a little more than I prefer. New texture minimizes the tiling and makes a less noticeable change from grass to rock

– Grass less bright light green, more towards less saturated slightly darker green. This change also aims to complement Mr Maison’s realistic tree colors

– Cracked rock effect via custom rock "normal texture"

*** Southern Hemisphere Summer Sun Rotation ***

Sun rotates along the approximate location of the Tropic of Capricorn (southern summer), so it will also work for a Temperate fall/winter location in the frost free parts of the northern hemisphere



Tips for Map Makers:
– Remember to flip your real-world heightmaps upside down (so South faces the top of the image… yeah, I know). This is the default backward setting for Cities Skylines – the sun rises in the West and sets in the East lol. I just now figured out how to switch the sun rotation for custom themes, but I’m going to keep making maps flipped so S faces the top of the heightmap image. This is so users can also use a vanilla theme and still have the sun going the right direction.

If you want to make a theme with correct sun rotation for yourself so you don’t have to flip your real location heightmap upside down, you move the longitutde slider in the theme creator to the left side of the middle point. Time Machine mod can also be used by users instead.