Realistic Map Theme V1.0

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Author: SDL StorM
Last revision: 24 Feb at 19:28 2017 UTC


That’s it ! The old RSCT map theme is deprecated, this is the official version that I renamed Realistic Map Theme.

Not only has been the sky improved, but textures have been replaced. I chose the exact same textures of my Mediterranean map theme.

However, it’s a map theme to only use with a temperate biom. I’ll look for the other bioms.

You need to get the map theme work :

* The LUT made specifically for this map theme ->
* Daylight Classic -> (All credits go to Bloody Penguin for his absolutely wonderful mod, it clearly helped me to create this map theme)

with these settings activated :
– Everything but the Classic Stock LUT.

For better experiences, you might also need Ultimate Eyecandy (I recommand to use it absolutely), Ragnarok, Climate Control and Theme Mixer.

Why may Ragnarok and Climate Control be needed ? Because I set a high risk of tornado and thunderstorm so as to get the weather you can find in the Great Plains of the USA. By the way, I also set the weather to fit what you can find there (I love tornados ^^). So, if you’d like some colder temperatures or would like to modify the weather, feel free to do so !

Why Theme Mixer ? As some people might not like the textures I put, you can use this mod so as not to be blocked by the textures in the case you would like the sky colours. 🙂

I think that’s all for the moment. I’ll try to keep it updated as much as I can ! See you guys and have fun with this ! 😀