High Capacity / Average Quality Elementary School

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Author: Forkboy22
Last revision: 30 Nov at 00:17 2015 UTC


1,712 Tris / 4.0 MB – Based on original 3D Model: Classic High School by Preposterous Lucidity


This Elementary School has capacity for 50% more students than the default elementary school. It’s slightly more expensive to build, but the weekly, per-student, maintenance cost is slightly lower so the higher up front cost will eventually pay off.

Source Collection:

Better Schools


The statistics are generated from a Google Docs Spreadsheet which contains various properties of the asset. This will result in a more realistic and challenging simulation. To get the full effect, you should subscribe to more than just this one building from the Better Schools Collection.

  • Triangles/LOD Triangles – 1,712 / 159
  • Type of School – Elementary School
  • Milestone Available – 6
  • Education Quality – Average
  • Student Capacity – 450
  • Plot Size – 6×6
  • Electricity – 720 KW
  • Construction Cost – $17,000 ($38/student)
  • Maintenance Cost – $208/week ($0.46/Student/week)
  • Fire Hazard – 2
  • Fire Tolerance – 20
  • Garbage Accumulation – 9
  • Sewage Accumulation – 360 m^3/week
  • Water Consumption – 432 m^3/week
  • Workers U/E/W/H – 9/9/5/0
  • Education Accumulation – 100
  • Education Radius – 28 tiles

Props Required

Many of the props used with this asset are from the default library of props. However, I am also using props from the Common Props and Trees Collection and it is recommended that you subscribe to all the props in this collection. If you don’t subscribe to this collection, it will still work, but there will be a few props/trees missing.

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