Queens Bay

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Author: deeheks
Last revision: 17 May at 23:03 2017 UTC


Welcome to Queens Bay!

This is part of the Crown River Region, a project in which you can build 2 neighbour cities. Landscape, rivers, roads and rails all line up so that you can build a 36x18km region – A first in Cities Skylines.

This collection contains all the required mods and assets for both maps:

Requirements are mostly the same as for Kings Valley, aside from a new bridge and a historic building from Germany.

Check out Kings Valley map if you haven’t already…

This map is designed especially for the Mass Transit DLC. Building on this map is such a charm that it should be done with caution. You will quickly become addicted, I warn you.

This map feels like the real world simply because I spent 200 hours making it.

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