Transport Lines Manager Reborn 8.0.5

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Author: Klyte45
Last revision: 18 Feb at 23:42 2018 UTC


Works with Green Cities update (1.9.*)


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The IPT mode was removed, but some functions doesn’t work if IPT2 is enabled

A shortcut to manage all city’s public transports lines. Useful for Airplane Line Tool and Ship Line Tool also.

Why reborn?

The TLM now is not a project solo, is a community project. You can contribute to improve this mod checking out the mod sources at GitHub:
Main project[]
UI Helper (dependency)[]

Feel free to use them in another mod. Just tell what you used in your mod credits.

How does this work

The tabs of lines detail window now have a different form for each line type:

Hexagons are regular buses lines
Circles are train lines
Squares are metro/subway lines
Diamonds are ship lines. (Since 4.3)
Trapezes are tram lines. (Snowfall/Since 4.5)
Pentagons are airplane lines. (Since 5.1)
Parachutes are blimp lines. (Since 6.0)
Stars are ferry lines. (Since 6.0)
Rounded Squares are monorail lines. (Since 6.0)
Cross are evacuation bus lines. (Since 7.1.1)

And more things have changed:

The asterisk tab was removed. Now you can use the gears button to change the prefix options (prices, budgets, models…)
The factory icon button switches between the lines listing and the depot listing.

IPT Overridden Functions:

– You can choose which vehicle models will be spawned in each line (by each line since 8.0;by line prefix since 5.0)
– You can see where in the line are each vehicle in a graphic view, after accessing the line detail menu (since 4.2) and can manually set the next stop target for a vehicle dragging them (since 7.0)
– You can set an multiplier for certain lines budget (by each line since 8.0;by line prefix; Since 5.2)
– You can set the ticket price from 0.05 up to 40 C (by each line since 8.0; by line prefix since 5.3)
(Game defaults: Bus= 1; Tram, Train, Metro = 2; Ship = 5; Airplane = 10)


– You can set the budget by time of the day, in 3 hours length groups!
– You can see all integrations of lines in each station in the linear view – in the line detail panel;
– You can edit stop names directly from linear view, just click on the labels and set its name. Works for buses and trams too!
– You can see which lines serves around a building by clicking on it – with shortcuts for the line detail view;
– You can set the internal number of lines and format how it’s shown as you want too.
– You can modify many line at once putting they in the same prefix and editing its prefix options on asterisk menu (includes budget, fares and models)
– TLM have an more friendly graphical view of the city lines, in the linear view or exporting a map with the city lines (this last function is in alpha)


– English
– Portuguese
– Korean – by Toothless
– German- by weoiss
– Dutch – by bas_dehaan
– Polish – by woj2012
– Chinese – by Lost Time (and team)


– Individual configured lines have font color in yellow (at line icon) – prefix based still white
– Can set budget per line (per-hour and all day)
– Can set vehicle models
– Can set ticket prices

– Added model preview on asset selection (Based on SamsamTS’s AVO preview)
– Added prefix name on prefix listing at prefix editor window
– Added first stop edit funcionality
– Finally, the prefix ticket price is working!
– Added target vehicles count at line detail window (as "Current count/Budget target")
– Added asset selection at the line info window
– Added icon when line is out of budget (a red dollar sign at bottom left of line icon as sun/moon)

Hotfix 8.0.1
– Fixed linear map monitor auto update.

Hotfix 8.0.2
– Fixed cable car ticket exception.

Hotfix 8.0.3
– Fixed per hour budget behaviour. Now the line is internally disabled when using per hour budget and the current budget for line/prefix is 0%

Patch 8.0.4
– Service Vehicle Manager compatibility update.
– Added chinese translation, by Lost Time (and team)
– Fixed renaming station

Hotfix 8.0.3
– Service Vehicle Manager fix update.

Important Notes

– Due the overriding done in the Tram, Ship, Bus and Passenger Train system, the option of enable/disable vehicles from these categories inside the Advanced Vehicle Options is useless for public city lines. The configuration in the TLM override it. But all other functions, like coloring, set capacity and more of AVO are still working. The model selection for external vehicles (like regional passenger ships and trains) still workin in AVO and alike mods.
– No new incompatibilities found, except the listed above.

Known Bugs

– You can’t load a second map without restart the game (Low/Won’t Fix priority)

(Alpha) Transport map exporter

When active, a Draw Map! button will appear mod options menu. When clicked, the game generates a map with the metro and train lines like the linear map style.
The html files with the map can be found at Transport Lines Manager folder inside game root folder (steamapps/common/Cities Skylines).

Next steps:

Read here.

Other notes

– Since 7.0, this mod uses the Harmony[].

Reported incompatible mods:

– Skylines Overwatch (and others [Aris] mods)
– IPT2 (again…)
– SVS – Service Vehicle Selector (Use the SVM mod instead!)

Compatibility Report: IPT2

Compatibility was lost…

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(if fails to send as "personal payment", send it as "service")