Cleyra – Color Correction

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Author: creativeDEX
Last revision: 20 May at 18:23 UTC


Cleyra – Color Correction by Dexter

Hi everyone,

here is the Color Corection for my project Cleyra.
The Color Correction is created for my Cleyra Map Theme and Map.
Its a temperate sunny lightning with high contrasts and less saturation for more realistic.

Special thanks to DeCzaah
For creating awesome custom assets for Cleyra.
Thanks so much.

How to use a Color Correction/LUT and what is it?
Change the LUT every time you want in the graphic settings of the game.
This change the lightning, coloring, saturation and contrasts.

Cleyra Map Videos:
Cleyra – Map Preview 1
Cleyra – Map Preview 2
Cleyra – Map Preview 3

Cleyra Project Items:
Cleyra – Map(release 27.05.2017(22:00 CEST)
Cleyra – Map Theme
Ceyra – Custom Assets

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