Realistic Merging Lanes

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Collected by: Wojtas


Realistic Highway Connectors

Please read the instructions!

These are the puzzle pieces which are quite similar to the ones used in SimCity 4. Famous Network Addon Mod.

Connectors are located in Roads > Intersection menu.
Place it on FLAT terrain or the asset will not show up correctly! Use the Extra Landscaping Tools to flatten the terrain.
Connectors have a very short stretch of a highway on each end so make sure you have selected a proper ending point when connecting a highway! It’s good to disable Fine Road Anarchy snapping (CTRL+S) when working here.


Make sure to subscribe to ALL the MODS. 6 mods + 3 optional mods.
Make sure to subscribe to ALL the ASSETS from this collection. 10 assets + 1 optional prop.
Marking props are included into assets.

Essential mods and links:

Fine Road Anarchy
Fine Road Tool
Move It!
Network Extensions 2
Prop Precision
Prop Snapping

Not essential but useful if you want to place markings only or if you want to terraform.

Prop & Tree Anarchy
Find It!
Extra Landscaping Tools


Enable Fine Road Anarchy (CTRL+A) to be able to place connectors.

Place the connector and connect a highway to it. Thats it!
You can connect a connector to an existing highway as well.

Use Move It! mod to move an intersection with markings if needed (Marquee selection).

Note: Lines are alligned to vanilla highway marking. Roads United Core + mod – the marking are misalligned but still acceptable.

Please report any bugs, thanks and enjoy!

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