BoldlyBuilding’s American Eclectic Home Collection

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Collected by: BoldlyBuilding


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Homes in the Eclectic Style commonly found in the suburbs of America. Often referred to as McMansions, these homes have dominated American housing developments for the last few decades, and continue to do so. As such, any city in Cities: Skylines modeled after American cities would be incomplete without these homes appearing in the surrounding areas.

This collection has L1 pre-construction lots, L2 construction lots, and completed houses ranging from L3 to L5. Their lot sizes range across 4×4, 4×3, 4×2, 3×4, 3×3, 3×2, 2×4, and 2×3. These assets and their associated theme are best used with Boformer’s Building Themes mod or the game’s styles feature.

Note: Driveways can appear odd on uneven ground. (In-game concrete and paths are not used because they’re not adequate, and no decals are currently available for that purpose.) It’s best if you try to soften or flatted areas where you build subdivisions for these houses.

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