Transporting Burlington County

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Author: JohnL
Last revision: 25 May at 22:02 UTC


Towns in Burlington County are spread far and wide, build transportation to get people moving and welcome tourist to this picturesque land! Meet all your goals and win the game! Remember you may need to keep citizens safe from any natural diasters too! You will have plenty of time to reach your goals, but be careful, if your traffic flow falls below 60% after 300 weeks of play you will lose!

GOALS: Population 100,500 – Have 550,500 tourists visit, transport 100K by plane, 150 K by ship, and 200K by train

This is mainly a transportation based game, celebrating the new Mass Transit DLC, but there are just a few disasters set in this scenario to add some challenges. However, it will still play nicely for anyone who does not own the Disaster DLC. I assure you the disasters are minimal, but prepare for anything. Some are set with several triggers, so it’s possible you will have more than normal if you do happen to meet all the triggers.

Note: The map and pictures show Captain Soaps Realistic Temperate Theme V 1.5.5. the game will default to Temperate if you don’t have this theme. But I do recommend using it because the mountains look so much nicer compared to the games base theme!

Required items:
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