Monorail Transport Hub

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Author: arKtur
Last revision: 27 May at 22:28 2017 UTC


The Monorail Transport Hub allows smooth transfer between Monorails, Busses and Trams. To modify the default Station I basicly used "Move It", deleted the Railway Tracks and replaced them with a Road and Tram Tracks. Due to this small change up to 4 Bus Lines and up to 4 Tram Lines can now stop at Monorail Transport Hub.

Change the "Road Settings" for the Bus Terminal so that only Public Transport and Public Sevice (like Police) are able to use the Road. Otherwise your Cims will use the road and drive through the Bus Terminal.

Secret Tipp:
For smoother Bus Street and Tram Track connecting use:
Fine Road Anarchy

Required items:
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