That Mayor WAS a Disaster

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Author: twilightsun
Last revision: 7 Jan at 03:09 2017 UTC


You know all of those unique buildings that have to be unlocked by unleashing unspeakable horrors upon your city? Yeah, that just happened. And the Cims ran their last mayor out of town. Now it’s up to YOU to turn things around, get people to move back in, and increase the value of the city to impressive levels…with a few caveats.

Yep, that last mayor let crime run wild, let garbage pile up, encouraged mass unemployment, cruelly withheld healthcare from sick Cims, shut down all city services to rack up abandoned buildings…and then thought cutting everyone’s taxes to 4% would make up for it all. But all that did was drain the city’s budget surplus to something on a downward spiral toward bankruptcy.

Once boasting a population of ~14,000 Cims, you are down to fewer than 400 masochistic residents. Your city budget is running at a deficit of more than 11,000 per week. It’s not looking good for the town of Byer-Biwair.

Scenario Overview

Win conditions: Have more than 5,000,000 money; population over 175,000; city value larger than 10,000,000.

Lose conditions: Build Eden Project, build 4 water drain pipes (3 already exist), build 4 oil power plants (3 already exist), build 4 landfill sites (3 already exist), build a coal power plant. Basically, don’t make your city dirtier, but you also don’t get an automatic cleanup and boost to city value with the Eden Project.

Disasters: No natural disasters. The previous mayor WAS the disaster. YOU are responsible for disaster recovery.

My own play-testing found that the original win parameters were unbalanced, as I had little notion of how city value worked. I tweaked city value to make more sense with the population requirements because my original city value goal was met decades before the rest of it. For play-testing purposes, I turned off all of my workshop assets and all mods, so this can be completed playing with the vanilla city service buildings.

Warning: An unintended consequence of making sure you use water treatment plans for sewage rather than building more dirty drain pipes is that the game considers the fresh water outlets introduced in Natural Disasters as drain pipes. I accidentally lost my own scenario that way.

Who is twilightsun?

IRL, I’m a writer, a small business owner, a mom, an Aspie, a disability advocate, a WoW guild leader, and SO many other things. You can find me on various social media outlets as @WELLinTHIShouse. As a social media junkie, I thrive on all variations of "likes." So I appreciate all follows, ratings, thumbs-ups, favorites, compliments, etc. If you have some sort of constructive criticism for me, please be gentle.