"Aeolus" Wind Turbine

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Author: Whipplesnoodle
Last revision: 24 May at 16:39 UTC


Large radius wind turbine with a wind lens.

It behaves exactly like the standard wind turbine in that it faces into the wind and produces variable amounts of energy (I added a video above with the animation).

It produces up to 9.5x the energy of a standard wind turbine and costs 9x the upkeep.
The upfront costs are extensive (relatively: 84750), but noise pollution levels are minimal.

And because I’m super evil you’ll need to build the Eden Project to unlock it. ^^

Downside is that I do not have a lot of time these days, resulting in me reusing the 1500 tri model and 512×256 textures for it’s own LOD. Not a huge issue because you likely wont need many of these unless your city is so big that it needs a supercomputer anyways ^^. Still, my sincerest apologies for the current high tri count!