Jahn Sportpark Sunken Stadium

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Author: AmiPolizeiFunk
Last revision: 16 Jun at 07:22 UTC


Friedrich-Ludwig-Jahn-Sportpark is a Berlin neighborhood sports complex that was built in 1952. The GDR National Team played many international matches on this football pitch. Its iconic floodlight structures have become a landmark for Prenzlauerberg — they can be seen from all over the city. The stadium sits directly adjacent to the "Mauerpark," formerly a "no-man’s land" where the Berlin Wall once stood.

This model was quite a challenge because I wanted it not only to be sunken below the ground level, but I also wanted to be able to raise the terrain around the edges for easy placement of additional props (mostly trees). Special thx to @Ronyx69 for the -NoBase shader script as well as the tip to use "BuildingAI" so that the sub-buildings don’t flatten the terrain around them. You guys can either simply plop it and it’s done, or you can go crazy with terrain control and additional props, it works both ways!


  • Sunken field level (hole-cut seethrough terrain and -NoBase shader)
  • 1:1 scale and true-to-life coloring
  • Massive 36×39 plot size using 7 sub-buildings
  • Custom normal-mapped seats and aisles that look 3D but use no geometry
  • Alpha-mapped support structures, railings, and fences
  • 100+ vanilla and custom props (mostly lighting)
  • LODs designed by hand for optimal performance and seamless transitions

Main building TRIS: 1,384 (LOD: 283)
Sub L1 TRIS: 571 (LOD: 46)
Sub L2 TRIS: 1,143 (LOD: 50)
Sub M2 TRIS: 557 (LOD: 45)
Sub R1 TRIS: 790 (LOD: 42)
Sub R2 TRIS: 1,812 (LOD: 50)
Football Field TRIS: 260 (LOD: 4)

One set of textures is shared by 6 sub-buildings
Main tex: 2048×2048 (diffuse, specular, illumination, alpha, normal)
LOD tex: 512×512 (diffuse, illumination)

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