Houseboat 03

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Author: Mic CrossHill
Last revision: 6 Jun at 19:09 2017 UTC


Houseboat inspired by Netherlands Woonboots.

This is a static Model – you have to set the hight with MoveIt. Floating Models donĀ“t support Props on them.

To use this Houseboat you need MoveIt and Road-Anarchy (or equal) to set and then move the boat.

This Houseboat has to placed at a Shoreline (like a Pier) and can then moved at the desired place.

You will find this Houseboat in the Public Transport / Ship Tab.



Verts: 898
Faces: 574
Tris: 1118
Texture 1024*512


Verts: 26
Faces: 22
Tris: 44
Texture 256*128