Park Rebalance

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Authors: Azzu, egi
Last revision: 14 Jun at 15:25 UTC


The problem with parks was, for me, that it just didn’t make sense from a gameplay perspective to build certain parks, because others were much better. The Botanical Garden or the Carousel have hands-down the best coverage or entertainment value. God forbid you build a Park with Trees, that giant monster that had almost no impact on the surrounding buildings, or a Japanese Garden with almost no coverage.

So I came up with a rating system for parks, factoring in the entertainment radius, the entertainment value, its own size, the visitor capacity, the upkeep and the build cost. I valued it in this order: the entertainment value and radius > its own size > upkeep > visitor capacity >> build cost.

The final scoring function is:
[Entertainment] * (π * [Entertainment Radius]^2 / (IF([waterside];([Width]^0,4)*1,5;[Building Area]^0,2)) * [Visitors^0,2] / ([Upkeep] + [Water * 0,024] + [Electricity * 0,01] + 1000)^0,8 / ([Build Cost] + 8000)^0,2

I used the Bouncy Castle, Skatepark & Dog Park as baselines to balance the other buildings around.

And here are the changed values with this mod, compared with the previous values:

All workshop content is obviously unchanged.

Thanks to egi, without him this would not have been possible. Check out his mods!