ProjectS Map Theme

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Author: Rex_Luminor
Last revision: 5 Jun at 17:40 UTC


My first public map theme for my first public map!

A warm and a bit dry theme perfectly suited for semi-tropical maps. Nice bright and blue sky, deep red sunrise and sunset. Beaches look good with just the ruined texture showing up but fabulous with sand.

Theme Info:

-Base Theme: Temperate
-Temperature: Day: 28C – 42C, Night: 14C – 29C
-Changed pavement and road texture. Road texture is now blue.
-Changed grass, cliff, ruined textures to look a bit drier
-Changed oil and ore textures to be more distinct and fancy
-New water color and normal
-Removed the ugly pink polution and made it brownish

Screenshots were taken with Colorful Summer Day LUT by Dexter:

Textures and normals from and CAD Hatch