Modern Low-Rise Living #3

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Author: Kliekie
Last revision: 10 Aug at 02:02 UTC


Modern Low-Rise Living #3

A small apartment building with a roof terrace and a private parking garage (with 1 parking spot for 4 households.. Shh it’s the thought that counts!)
Based on a concept image[], original designer unknown.


High Residential
Level 5
1×1 grid
4 colors: Black, brown, green and blue
1 Private parking space on ground level
RICO compatible


1910 tris
1024* texture

Custom LOD

64 tris
64* texture

Complete Collection

This building is a part of the "Modern Low-Rise Living" collection:
This is an ongoing project on the side, more buildings will follow.


Tags:Modern, low-rise, apartment, residential, concept, high, Kliekie, design, colorful.

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