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Author: CoarzFlovv
Last revision: 4 Jan at 20:22 UTC


Mod to avoid train collisions on single tracks 2 ways from BloodyPenguin mod One-Way Train Tracks.

How does this mod works?

It is simple. Before entering on a single track section, a train will check if there is already another train running the track in the opposite direction. If that’s the case, the train will stop until the track is free.

For complex networks of interconnected single tracks, any train stopped will be put in a waiting list, and proceed on the single track section in first-arrived order.

When using long stretches of single track, be sure to lay down some double tracks section regularly so that train can intersect (they are called passing loops[]). If there are many trains, jams might still occur. Also place a 2 tracks section before a terminus station, so that trains can properly enter/exit the station. -> Since 1.2 no need to this anymore!

Some settings can be changed in the file in ~AppDataLocalColossal OrderCities_SkylinesAddonsMods.

Single track stations are now supported and will get reserved like normal 2 ways single tracks!


Link to the GitHub repository[].

The mod hinders some functionalities of Traffic Manager : setting traffic lights or priority signs will not work on train tracks. Other things like speed restrictions do work 🙂

This mod uses detour and would be incompatible with any mod modifying the method UpdatePathTargetPositions of class TrainAI.

Required items:
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