modular tram stop (props)

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Author: Titan
Last revision: 17 Jun at 17:46 UTC


Watch the YouTube video for the best information and impressions – A video shows more than 1000 pictures.

These are props to build better tram stops

Props with which you can build better tram stops than those boring vanilla ones.


  • fences with a length of 2m, 8m and 16m
  • a bench that Cims can sit on when used in other assets
  • shelters that Cims can sit in when used in other assets – they also have additional glass to them (thanks to ronyx69 at this point)
  • 4m and 8m middle and side segments and fitting endings – the most important things
  • a ticket machine
  • a display showing the next trams
  • a trash can

ingame data:
Props – you need More Beautification to place them ingame, Move it! and Prop Line Tool are also recommended

technical data:
last picture, there are no custom LODs

Tags: Europe Europa tram stop Tramhaltestelle modular Straßenbahn

Required items:
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