Caulford Estate Non RICO

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Author: Kookess
Last revision: 4 Jun at 23:20 2017 UTC


Caulford Estate

-Low Residential Level 5, Size 2×3

-Growable Version only

-With Lights and 4 Color Variations

Made with ArchiCAD and Blender

Here you can find the RICO Version:

Mesh Info:

-Triangles: 1256 / 150
-Weight: 36.21 / 4.35
-Texture 1024×1024 / 64×64

Pictures above made with:

-Highest Ingame Quality
-Color Correction: Boreal
-Sharp Textures Mod: Highest Options
-Dynamic Resolution Mod: 200%
-Daylight Classic Mod:
Enabled Classic Stock LUT
Enabled Classic Sunlight Color

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Very big Thank you for, to all the people helping me
making this buildings, You guys are great!

Stay tuned, more to come soon…

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