Gfurst’s Modular Park Pack

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Author: Gfurst
Last revision: 8 May at 00:52 UTC


Gfurst’s Modular Park Pack

No need to have pre-built parks anymore, with these you can design your own park laylout, lay roads, paths and trees. Have a big central park blocks wide, or a natural park by the bottom of that mountain, now you can.

These are a set of park parts that you can put together on your own desire. They have free placement so you aren’t tied to roads, still you should place them at least two squares away from a road for services access.
They’re generally cheaper, and provide low entertainment/value, but have a wide area effect so you can the spread over.

Included are:
  • A small park for your regular round about, only the center has trees
  • A general park entrance, with road attached.
  • A dome and fountain area.
  • A beer garden and camping cabins.
  • A piece for beaches with a simple walkway.
  • Accompanying road side parking for each scenario as well.

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*** Please note, all of these items are included with this singles subscription. ***
Yes that is possible, and is awesome, all assets become available at once, still you can disable specific ones you don’t want in the game’s content manager.

These are actually very small plobable anywhere pieces, I left it this way so you can decorate with your own trees and paths of preference, mostly all of them have built-in paths.

They can be place anywhere and cims will get there, but for services to reach (police/hearse), they should be placed close enough from a road.

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