Funeral Home

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Author: 220hertz
Last revision: 19 Jun at 06:32 UTC


Deathcare in this game has always been a little jarring for me. I’m fine with how it works as a gameplay mechanic – but it really lacks the tact we’d apply to end-of-life situations.

So, this is a crematorium building styled like an old-school family-run funeral home. It’s got a little non-denominational chapel in the back for services, etc. A friendly building from which the hearses emerge. No longer will you suffer fleets of death merchants roaming your streets, eager to snatch up your dearly departed nan for the incinerator or to toss into the cold ground.

About the building.
It’s a little less demanding than the crematorium, all stats involved are lowered slightly. Has five service vehicles and costs 15,000. Upkeep is 500.

It unlocks at milestone 4, which is when the cemetery becomes available. You’ll find it in the health/deathcare tab. No dependencies here and no DLC required.

You could probably make an argument that this is a bit of a cheat, since the crematorium doesn’t unlock until much later. You could make that argument.

About the asset
Main model – 1942 tris
LOD – 99 tris

Textures are 1024×1024 and 128 respectively with normal, specular, illumination and colour maps present on the main model and colour and illumination maps on the LOD.

Let me know if you see anything wrong with the asset. I’ll try to fix what I can.

And, if you’re interested in frigging around with the model itself, redoing the textures etc. Here’s a link to the items, all the texture and model files, including the Blender ones. It was built in 2.78.