TX Train Station 02 – Bampaku-kinenkoen

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Author: depra95
Last revision: 14 Mar at 22:13 2017 UTC


Bampaku-kinenkoen Station is eleveted station on the Tsukuba Express line in Japan.

Model info
tris: 2614
texture: 1024 x 1024px (a,d,i,n,s)

LOD info
tris: 198
texture: 256 x 128px (d)

Ingame parameters are the same as vanilla station.
Track height is 12m.


Tsukuba Express Stations

TX Train Station 01 – Midorino
TX Train Station 02 – Bampaku-kinenkoen

Tsukuba Express Train Asset

Tsukuba Express TX-2000 series Train

Tsukuba Express Train Props

TX-2000 Series ’04 ver.
TX-2000 Series ’08 ver.
Lets make Rail yard!

Required Extra Train Station Tracks by BloodyPenguin.

Required items:
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Extra Train Station Tracks ( ETST )On Steam