Convert Sprague-Thomson to Metro (MOM)

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Author: Thaok
Last revision: 17 Dec at 10:08 2016 UTC


This is a convenience mod converting all Sprague-Thomson assets to metros for use with Metro Overhaul Mod.

There are no options, just enable or disable the mod to control the conversion. Don’t forget to subscribe and enable the required Prefab Hook.

To convert all Sprague-Thomson assets to metros for use with Metro Overhaul Mod, you have to subscribe to Train Converter Mod and add

<items workshop-id="815155700" description="Paris Metro Sprague-Thomson (2 car)" /> <items workshop-id="815157636" description="Paris Metro Sprague-Thomson (3 car)" /> <items workshop-id="815158936" description="Paris Metro Sprague-Thomson (4 car)" /> <items workshop-id="815159453" description="Paris Metro Sprague-Thomson (5 car)" />

to %LocalAppData%Colossal OrderCities_SkylinesTrainConverter-Config.xml

This mod now does nothing and should be unsubscribed,
the item is only kept to keep you informed and will eventually be deleted. Bloody Penguin will implement propagation of new default entries to each individual players config. This will make mods like this unnecessary and save some work for subscribers and vehicle authors!

Required items:
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