Airport Road Light Remover

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Author: vasimr22
Last revision: 22 Jun at 18:34 2017 UTC


This mod will remove airport road lights from the game (Taxiway and Runway lights). It removes both the light effect and the mesh by hiding the assets. This means that the Runway and Taxiway light asset CANNOT be placed when this mod is active (they will not show up). I have uploaded these props to be used in their place:

This mod does not affect the save game, and works by disabling display information on level loading.

To bring the lights back, disable the mod and restart the game (by exiting to desktop).

For pre-existing levels, you can enable the mod at runtime, and the update should take effect. After loading, the mod will force an update on all network segements, which will remove any lingering light effects – it may take a few seconds, longer with an increased number of segments on the map.

This is not the most efficient method for dealing with this issue, however, it is the simplest. If support is added to remove lights using the network extensions mod, then I will update this mod description and mark it as deprecated.