Nanjing South Railway Station V.2.1

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Author: 910095247
Last revision: 22 Jun at 15:25 2017 UTC


In the first edition, the Inappropriate size of the model brings a lot of bugs.I’am very sorry.So I re-produced the second edition and then update of the first edition will be indefinite delay. As a second edition,the size of the assets are not the same as the first, please transform your city transport hub if you want .

update content:
1, the number of stations modified to 20
2, subway station +1, for the well-shaped layout, corresponding to the Nanjing Metro 1,3, S1 and S3 line
3, Now the South Square is the entrance of the assets
4, modify the North Square and the surrounding road network planning, closer to reality, to facilitate the hub of elevated planning (in this version the North Plaza can still support elevated pit stop)
5, some other models refine and so on

V2.1 Asset Information:
Asset size 34u * 41u
Traffic type train station * 20 bus station * 12 subway station hall * 4

High – speed Nanjing South Railway Station V.2.1 by 910095247