CIMTaxi Depot

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Author: ninjanoobslayer
Last revision: 21 Nov at 17:23 2017 UTC


Taxi Depot to Match Your New CimTaxis

Established in the wake of the taxi surge in the workshop, CIMTaxi is the only authorized taxi designation for medallion carrying cabs. They must be serviced at a CIMTaxi Depot, which is well, what this is. Offering state of the art maintennance, handoff, and repair services, the CIMTaxi Depot is your one stop shop for your taxi needs. It also connect people who want to drive to a cab they can afford to rent.

Now includes an empty version that you can decorate!

If you want the full experience, you should get the props! They are by no means necessary, though you may end up with a large gap in the parking lot area without them.


Q: Can you make specific taxis for me? I want a COROLLA, MV-1, ODYSSEY?

A: Yes and no. Some vehicles, aka the MV-1, I believe are so ugly or have such limited availability worldwide that I don’t think it’s worth my time. So even if you donate 100 dollars, I will pass on it. For the Corolla/Odyssey/Sienna/Highlander etc, please be patient. I have a lot going on right now.

Q: I want taxis in other liveries, such as maybe a Bangkok or Hangzhou or LA livery. Can you make one?

A: Not exactly. I want to do standardized vehicle sets from now on (in fact, the only not completely standardized set at this moment is the Fire Vehicles)


Model Information

Main Model:
3432 Tris
Textures 1024 x 1024

LOD (check screenshot to see how it fares!):
50 Tris
Textures 128 x 128

Original Model by GCVos Used with permission. Retextured for CIMTaxi, changed illumination map, removed parking lines from model (the cabbies don’t care about parking perfectly, as reflected in the screenshots), redid LOD for better performance at further distances.

Statistics are the same as GCVos’s Large Taxi Depot, though I’ll note the following below:

Maximum Taxi Capacity: 50


Required items:
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