Mars Theme

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Author: Solarsheep
Last revision: 15 Jun at 12:36 2017 UTC


For those of us out there who want a civilisation on Mars, I hope this helps you out.

This theme has realistic Mars temperatures for the Snow Fall DLC. So temperatures can go down to -73C at night and up to only 20C in the daytime. So ye be warned, it’s a tad chilly.

I’m making this theme as accurately as I can, with a little artistic liberty thrown in for good measure of course. With that in mind these are the main differences from a typical (Earth) map theme:

– Small Sun (to account for increased distance)
– Two small moons, Deimos and Phobos, instead of our Moon.
– Red skies and blue sunrises/sunsets.
– New textures for the terrain, to give it that Mars feel.
– Temperatures from -73C at night to 20C in the daytime.

Maps I have created using this theme so far:

– Mars Crater Lake
With more maps on the way. Suggestions welcome.

Please let me know if you use this theme to make a new map, as I would love to see how it’s been used.