Larimar (Tropical Theme)

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Author: Cano
Last revision: 5 Jul at 05:41 2017 UTC


Creation time [Theme]2months [LUT:Study duration]4months
I started making these for myself,
but for me it was too hard work and needed a lot of time.
If there were other people with a sense similar to me, I thought that this should be shared.
I am happy if there is one person who will be pleased with this!

I have experienced web design and photography, but game item creation is my first challenge.
I don’t understand exactly about the system of this game and I am not good at English,
(I am Japanese)
so please ask questions and advice in Easy mode!

***All my work is a tropical environment.
And since I am doing yellow adjustment without using "Daylight Classic"Mod,
it should look different color in other environments.

***The LUT used for the screenshot is "C’s Freshly!"

***My GPU is not very powerful, so I tried to keep it as small as possible. Most of the texture is JPG,
with alpha is sand, Ruined and gravel.

*Sea color/Inspre by Larimar’s blue
I adjusted the color on the premise of "day and night cycle",
so it will be blue which is a little less green at noon.
WaterFoam & waterNormal by TPB "Terrain Themes Creator "
Calm sea…I like this! Thanks TPB !

**Color adjustment and processing of free texture

*Cliff / Clover mix grass Alternative
Advantages☆1. You will see green in the water due to steps in the shallow water depth.
☆2. The cliffs at the time of slope building are not obtrusive by green.
☆3. It is not lonely without having to plant many trees in the mountains.
Disadvantage★Occasionally it may be surprising. Too big clover …

*Road / Ecru Beige Asphalt

*Pavement / Like a faded brick

*Sand/White sand of coral reef beach
I also wanted to see the pattern even at long distances so the tile size got bigger.
For that reason, it is low resolution at short range, but please be patient … (´;_;`)

*Ruined / Adjust color to match everywhere

*Grass / Ruined bass, Few flowers and accent light green Mix

*Gravel / Mix pebbles in Ruined

*Ore / Pebble and sand which can be used as a beach sand variation.

*Oil / Pink small flowers and grass, Very cute!

***Setting of no change from vanilla;
Grass pollution, World properties(Weather, Celsius etc.),

***Not compatible Natural Disasters DLC.

***Used in my screenshot** MOD for better picture quality