Maison Beach Park – terrain conforming

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Author: MrMiyagi
Last revision: 7 Apr at 20:10 2017 UTC


Maison Beach Park is a beach-side park that lays along whatever your beach terrain is, flat or sloped, you’ll still have an attractive beach! No warped terrain! Run several of them all along your beach road for a lush natural look!

The attractive tropical planting is from the park’s namesake, Mr Maison! It has attractive nighttime lighting, calm and dim instead of eye-searing bright. After all, it’s a place to relax! Two large sim gathering areas make sure that people will show up when they visit, and the streetside parking has AI parking that will be used by visitors to the area.

Tip: If the parking side looks like the cars will roll off into the bushes, all it takes is a very small leveling of the parking spaces at the same level as the road. That won’t take more than a few sandbuckets of your soil storage, if that, even 🙂

Buildings are by Senfkorn:
and King Leno from his outstanding Skyland Mall series:

Required items:
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