MetroPed 1 Platform (MOM designed)

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Author: cacamaca8
Last revision: 7 May at 12:18 2017 UTC


Modular 1 platform MetroPed MOM station (direct underground pedestrian access)
  • MOM designed, fully scalable (station length, depth, angle)
  • 1 platform (station depth -15m to -36m)
  • pedestrian tunnel connection (-8m to -29m)
  • entrance/exits at platform ends
  • works alone or combined with other MetroPed MOM stations, creating metro hubs
  • create metro hubs using several stations at different depths and angles, connected with ped tunnels. Minimum recommended step between 2 stations is 12 m. See background images, with 2 stations hub: upper station (144m length, -15 m depth, 0 degrees), lower station (144 m length, -27m depth, 270 degrees)

You may have to do this:
  • subscribe to More Network Stuff and have it active
  • open Asset Editor, load any asset and only after this start/load your game, otherwise the pink paths are not working

The above mentioned steps are mandatory for me, probably a weird combo of installed mods. It is possible to work for you without having to do this.

You have to do this
  • link the tunnel loose ends with ped tunnel
  • go to surface with at least one pedestrian tunnel
  • minimum station depth has to be 15m

More info:
  • size on ground = 1×1, empty square
  • template used is (MOM scripted) vanilla Metro Station, scaled 0.01
  • requires roadside placement because of: workers (8, 12, 2, 1) and garbage (8)
  • recommended to be placed on very flat ground, otherwise ped tunnels may collide with metro tunnel
  • cims are using both platform ends for enter/exit station
  • cims have to reach the middle of the platform, around station marker, to transform from pedestrians to passengers (they change from white to metro line colour). It seems this is how the game works, I hoped they transform faster, when they enter platform.

Thanks to everybody who made this asset possible. I hope you like it.

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