MetroPed 1 Platform v1 (O)

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Author: cacamaca8
Last revision: 25 Apr at 20:32 2017 UTC


Modular 1 platform MetroPed station (direct underground pedestrian access)

– 1 platform at -4m
– 4 pedestrian tunnel conections at -12m

For MOM users: MetroPed modular MOM station. It’s a different designed version, one station, fully scalable, used also to create multiple platform hubs ingame

You have to take the following steps, otherwise the pink paths are not working:
  • subscribe to More Network Stuff and have it active
  • open Asset Editor, load any asset and then start/load a game
  • You have to go to surface with at least one pedestrian tunnel,

More info:

– Vanilla props
– platform is standard height (-4m)
– pedestrian connections standard height (-12m)
It’s one of the test variants, but I remember this design is ok

It’s a park template, for test, I cannot change the AI with AI Changer because it’s suddenly breaking my assets. If someone can tell me how to change it with mod tools…

Tips and tricks for editing in Asset Editor:

-you can add more pink connections to each side of a platform, like multiple stairs, but:
-the cims will use only one pink connecion for one side of that platform, to enter the platform, which makes the design of stairs at the ends of the platform almost useless in terms of splitting the flow and helping cims from outside to reach faster the station. They will move all the way to the other end and enter that path, instantly. I do not think it has to do with pathfinding, I tried several times. But:
– the fun part is they will use all the avalable pink paths to exit that side of platform, if you have more than one. So, it could be useful, at least they will have shorter paths to exit
– the pink paths do not require to be in the middle of the platform side
– you can connect the two sides of platform with pink(platform level)-tunnel (higher or lower)-pink (platform level), not directly through the middle. See this asset design
– you cannot connect platform direct to ped tunnel, you need pink path
– connecting all the loose ends of tunnels in Asset Editor creates a point with 0 height (of course, you do not know which one) somewhere on the circle, at one of the junctions, that’s why you have to connect ingame, where it doesn’t create that.

Maybe I should write a guide with all information I aquired designing MetroPed 🙂

Thanks to everybody who made this asset possible.

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