MetroPed 1 Platform (-14m) V2

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Author: cacamaca8
Last revision: 11 May at 19:10 2017 UTC


Modular 1 platform MetroPed station (direct underground pedestrian access)
  • 1 platform (track position -14m, tunnel position -10m)
  • pedestrian tunnel connections (-8m, -16m)
  • entrance/exits middle platform
  • works alone or combined with other MetroPed stations, creating metro hubs.

For MOM users: MetroPed 1 platform (MOM designed)

You may have to do this:
  • subscribe to More Network Stuff and have it active
  • open Asset Editor, load any asset and only after this start/load your game, otherwise the pink paths are not working

The above mentioned steps are mandatory for me, probably a weird combo of installed mods. It is possible to work for you without having to do this.

You have to do this
  • go to surface with at least one pedestrian tunnel

More info:
  • size on ground = 1×1, empty square. Place it anywhere on ground.
  • template used is vanilla Metro Station, scaled 0.01
  • recommended to be placed on very flat ground, otherwise ped tunnels (-8m) may collide with metro tunnel (-10m)
  • designed specially for being used under a 90 degrees crossroad, to fit beween 4 MetroPed Entrance Diagonal. Plop it and then fine tune the position with Move It!, to have it as close as possible to the center of crossroad.
  • ped connection at -14m was designed to be easy to connect with lower stations, forming a metro hub connected with ped tunnels. You can use it to go directly to surface, if you want.
  • because it has only one middle top access and included low connections for a deeper station, is more flexible than her older sister, MetroPed 1 platform (-14m) V1.

Thanks to everybody who made this asset possible. I hope you like it.

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