High School XFA

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Author: Exiri
Last revision: 12 Jul at 13:41 UTC


UPDATED: LOD added, KIOSK removed, as well as some other props, relocated lights.

First building modeled/textured with my new style, although I am still garbage with textures, but at least it’s getting better and not worse! Also depending on the reactions to this building, I’ll continue on more work or scrap it altogether. I am however going to re-do my GNOSIS Project to utilise the same kind of style as it needs an update badly.

XFA?? FA?? Xiri’s FA: Futuristic Aesthetic, the style using mostly white biopolymers and natural materials as well as lots of glass for a lighter feel. The XFA style also has mandatory holographics attached to buildings to indicate their purpose. Did I mention the skygardens?

Stats and figures:

Size: 11×8
Build Cost: 92000
Maintenance: 1760
Service Area: 4000
Student Count: 3200

Tris main: 1482
Tris LOD: 124

Have fun! ^^