Road Studs Pack

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Author: DeCzaah
Last revision: 11 Jul at 10:45 2017 UTC


Road Studs Pack by DeCzaah

After I uploaded the colored (iluminated) lines, I thought about putting these (cat eyes) in. Might raise the prop count quite a bit, so I tried to counter that with 1x, 2x and 4x versions of each colors (white, yellow and red).
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The asset pack contains:
– 1x, 2x & 4x white studs (iluminated)
– 1x, 2x & 4x yellow studs (iluminated)
– 1x, 2x & 4x red studs (iluminated).

It’s a prop, so to find it in game, you need the more beautification mod!
Also, Decal Prop Fix has to be installed and activated!
I highly recomend the Adaptive Prop Visibility for a better look!


Required items:
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