Female Casual #1

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Author: Kliekie
Last revision: 14 Jul at 05:32 2017 UTC


Female Casual Citizen #1

It’s alive.. It’s alive! IT’S ALIVE!!! Ahem, excuse me.. I took me a while to figure everything out but behold! An actual custom citizen! Made from scratch! I tried to stay as close as possible to the original citizen model- and texture style so she will blend in nicely.

This lady has the base of the Blue Collar Female (the chick with the ponytail, tool belt and toolbox) which means:
– Low educated worker.
– Works in industrial and low commercial.
– Lives in Low residential.

Yes, there will be more. Just keep in mind making citizens takes up a lot more time compared to buildings so be patient please. 🙂


Female Blue Collar Animations
Colormap on the shirt and bracelet: beige, purple, green and red.


1082 tris
256* texture
No LOD (Custom citizens don’t seem to have a LOD option)


Tags:Citizen, Cim, Citizen, People, Human, Generic, Modern.

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