Torus Plaza – City Art Gallery

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Author: V.and.a.Ok
Last revision: 17 Oct at 12:59 2015 UTC


The Torus Plaza – City Art Gallery : Artists can exhibit their artworks here. A public building with automatic ticket entry. Safety is guaranteed!

Triangels : 6.580 – 834 "AFTER DARK – optimized"

Cost: 70000
Maintenance : 800 per week
Level 2
High: 60
Low: 50
Mid: 50
Sewage: 2
Water Consum: 6
Entertainment: 150
Electic consum: 30
EducatedWorkers: 30
HiglyEducatedWorker: 2
UnEducatedWorkers: 28
WellEducatedWorker: 14
Fire Hazard: 1
Fire Toleranz: 20
Garbage: 6
Noise Accu: 18
Noise Radius: 50
Attractivness Accu: 8
Entertainment Accu: 120
Entertainment Radius: 700

the pictures made with (realLUT from BlaXta) "Colorcorretion" mod

for the ground fix pls, use the Terraform Tool 0.8 from "rollo" :

a litte instructions for the work with the TT 0.8 ^^:

0. Terrarforming cost money, watch it. Test it out !
1 .—Numpad— Plus / Minus is the brush size. Make a good big size for a brush "not to big".
2. To become the height of the ground that you will > right mouse click on the ground, hold it and push the left mouse too and brush the ground. This way you copy the height to the other ground & and its flat.

After a litte testing, it is easy.

<flatten> watch on the pic^^ it is green marked.

thanks a lot ,and best regards