Stadler KISS: ODEG (4Cars)

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Author: REV0
Last revision: 10 Jul at 12:06 2017 UTC


ODEG – 4 Cars

The Stadler KISS is a bilevel electric multiple unit commuter train developed by Stadler Rail of Switzerland. It is operated by the Swiss Federal Railways under the classification RABe 511, as well as by other European railways. In the early stages of development it was known as the Stadler DOSTO.

As of 2016, 242 KISS trainsets comprising 1,145 cars have been sold to operators in nine countries.

Part of Stadler KISS Collection

Technical Details

  • 190km/h max speed
  • 420 passengers
  • Line Colored
  • 2048^2 Textures
  • Custom LOD
  • Map modifications, such as Normal, Illumination and Alpha
  • Detailed bogie set
Recommended Mods

Use Improved Public Transport 2, in order to assign this train set to your train lines:

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