Male Casual Citizen #1

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Author: Kliekie
Last revision: 22 Jul at 16:15 2017 UTC


Male Casual Citizen #1

And then there were 2!

This guy has the animations from a Educated Male (the one in the suit with his fancy Bluetooth headset and phone) so has the following animations:
– Watching his phone while walking in a circle.
– Looking at his watch.
– Reaching his ear.

But! he will not act like an educated adult, instead he will act as a young adult, which means he still goes to university (ok, you can still call it educated, but you know what I mean…).


1138 tris
No LOD (Custom citizens don’t seem to have a LOD option)

256* Textures
– Color variations on pants and watch.
– Alpha channel on watch and hair (barely noticeable).
– Specular map for the phone and watch.


Tags:Citizen, Cim, Citizen, People, Human, Generic, Modern.

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