Doctor’s Office

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Author: Senfkorn
Last revision: 25 Jul at 22:51 2017 UTC


Hi community,

I wanted to create some assets with interior, because using the advantage of transparency is such a cool thing. It’s a way to give Cities Skylines assets a bit more depth. I know it increases the tris count and it needs additional texture maps, but I think I found a reasonable compromise.

Have fun!

If you like my assets, I’d appreciate a little donation (paypal), also in view of all upcoming stuff. Thank you very much.


Asset in-game info

Type of building: Healthcare, Medical Clinic

Asset properties

Size: 4×4
All other properties are exactly the same as the vanilla clinic

Asset info

Tris main building: 1812
Texture size: 1024×512
Tris sub-building: 212
Texture size: 512×512
Texture types: diffuse, alpha, specular, illumination & normal map

LOD info

Tris: 56
Texture size: 256×256
Texture types: diffuse, alpha, specular & illumination map


Screenshots were taken by using Realistic LUT V1.2 combined with Daylight Classic mod. But all assets I made were adjusted for the vanilla game colour settings.