Procedural Objects

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Author: Simon Ryr
Last revision: 2 Dec at 13:27 UTC


Procedural Objects mod

Made by Simon Royer from the #FrenchCityDesigners community.
Version compatible with Cities:Skylines 1.9.0-f5 and all expansions.
No expansion required.

The Procedural Objects mod adds a vertex customization tool directly in game, which allows you to resize assets for your needs, create things with only one asset that you can resize instead of having 12,000 versions of an asset for different shapes and sizes.

On its own, it only comes with two shapes (sphere and cube) but you can check out my Procedural Assets collection above to add plenty of other assets to the list ! Especially the "Too Many Shapes" pack from Cozonaq, definitely awesome 🙂

The mod may affect FPS, but only while editing vertices of big models, otherwise it shouldn’t.
This mod will be regularly updated and features will be added. (see the "Planned Features" section)
Feel free to make suggestions or report issues in the comments if it’s relevant.

  • Subscribe this item.
  • Remove this mod’s prerelease if you had it.
  • Enable the mod, and the two assets that come along it in the Content Manager (no other download required – subscribing this will download everything)
  • In the game, open the window by clicking the top-right hand corner button.
  • From here all the instructions can be found in the window.

Unsubscribing won’t break save games. The objects will simply disappear.

Check my Collection of Procedural Assets made compatible for the mod here !

How-to-Use Documentation:

See the full documentation on the C:S Creators Wiki[]

How to Share Textures on the Workshop:

See the full documentation on the C:S Creators Wiki[]

Asset Creator Helper tool Documentation:

See the full documentation on the C:S Creators Wiki[]

Planned Features:
  • Adding a ‘Save’ feature.
  • Translations
  • Gizmos available for vertex movement.
  • Gizmos’ rotation based on the object rotation, not absolute
  • More model manipulation tools : mirror, vertex removal…
  • Non-basic items can also have custom textures.
  • Other maps implementation (alpha, specular, normal…) for custom textures.

Known issues:

See the known issues list on the C:S Creators Wiki[]

GitHub repository : Coming Soon.

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Special thanks
  • Cozonaq, Pauljchris and Sparks for their lovely Procedural assets,
  • The #FrenchCityDesigners community members, especially Neguchi for his support, bug reports and recommendations,
  • Anyone who reported problems,
  • BloodyPenguin, for indirectely (and sometimes directly) helping out with little bits of code,
  • The Eggplant,
  • Maddie (aka. leaderofthemonkeys), Benjamin (aka. Ranazomic) and Zhijie for their donations,
  • Those of you who rated, favorited, subscribed, used, liked or shared this mod,
  • Youtubers/streamers for "advertising" this mod, especially neguchi, Maddie, Crumbs, Keralis.